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Core Services


Premier Healthcare Partners is committed to tailoring our solutions to the unique qualities, values, and needs of our clients. Our core services are Healthcare Payor Relations & Contract Management, Healthcare Compliance, and Healthcare IT Solutions.

Signing a Contract
Healthcare Payor Relations & Contract Management 


Our team can help your practice manage and maximize operational efficiency with the increasingly complex reimbursement models of commercial and government payers. Healthcare reimbursement models are transitioning from volume to value, and payor organizations are pursuing greater clinical and financial integration with their physician partners.


Payor enrollment and contracting services are offered to physicians and medical groups. For Credentialing & CAQH maintenance, we will ensure that your practice remains up to date. Our rich experience combined with current industry knowledge uniquely positions Dover Insurance & Financial Services Inc to represent your medical practice.

Healthcare Compliance


Compliance with federal and state regulations is very complex. Do you have the time, resources or expertise to complete your own assessments?

We are not your typical consultants! We won't just leave you with a massive report and no instructions on how to implement recommended changes. With the Dover Insurance & Financial Services Inc's compliance team you'll have direct access to an actionable plan that helps you manage the process and ultimately improve your overall compliance.

We ensure that all aspects of your compliance and privacy program are in place.  Our services include compliance consultation, HIPAA Privacy and Security awareness, all aspects of compliance and HIPAA training, internal auditing, investigations, provision of a confidential hotline, overview of your practice's website, OSHA awareness and review of your policies and procedures.

Healthcare IT Solutions


With 50+ years of combined healthcare experience, our team knows that you simply can’t take time away from seeing patients to analyze your workflow, make procedural improvements or maintain software. That’s why we bring the expertise to assess your practice to improve the patient experience, adopt and utilize technology, quality reporting and lead prioritized performance optimization solutions. We keep your technology current with the releases by managing upgrade, so you have access to the latest features. We improve connectivity with payers and patients to increase your revenue. Best of all, we help you manage systems to stay focused on solutions that continue to improve workflow and serve the patients.


Does your IT plan support your organization's strategic and operational goals? At Dover Insurance & Financial Services Inc we know that information technology is an important part of the contemporary healthcare strategic plan.

As your medical practice navigates the transition to value-based care, there is a need for new tools and technology. Our IT business advisers will make an assessment of your medical practice's current state and future vision while being responsive to the changes in the external marketplace.

Other Services
Other Services
Physician Recruitment Services
Administrative Staff Recruitment
Medical Claims Recoupment
Practice Merger/Acquisitions
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